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Book Review: Dieting With My Dog by Peggy Frezon

I ordered this book as soon as I heard about it.  My dogs don’t need to be on a diet, but I do.  And they need more exercise, so I thought I might get some good tips.

That’s not exactly what I got, but it was worth the read anyway.  More memoir than how-to, I enjoyed the story of how author Peggy Frezon got motivated to change her own eating habits when she realized her attitude toward food was affecting not just her own health, but her beloved dog Kelly’s as well.  I can certainly relate, since adopting Red prompted us to make all kinds of green changes around our house and yard, and both dogs are now a prime part of my own motivation to get out and get fit.

I struggled to relate to the author’s empty nest syndrome, but I guess I can sympathize with having to re-think your life due to the absence of children. At the end of the book when she and her husband begin to realize the perks of having the kids gone, I wanted to cheer, since Steve and I are just beginning to consider the positive side to a life without kids.

There are a few dieting and excercise tips for people and dogs in the back of the book, although I would have loved more.  I didn’t find any really original ways to exercise with my dogs, just the obvious walking, running, fetching, etc.  Ironic that I wanted a little more how-to in this book, since typically I find diet/food books to be too much how-to and want more memoir!  Still, the memoir was quite fun, and Kelly is adorable.  A quick feel-good read!

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November 3, 2011 - Posted by | Book Reviews

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