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The Path Not Taken

Some days I love what I do for a living.  Other days, I don’t.  I wonder about other options: what else could I do?  Is it time to make a change?  Could I make a change if I wanted to?

As I’ve become more interested in animals over the past few years, I’ve thought about working with animals.  This would mean a complete career change; I have no education or experience to prepare me to work with animals.  Since I’m our only finanical support, that just isn’t really practical.

The path not taken

And, really, I’m okay with that.  I feel like I make a difference in my day job, and I generally like it. Sometimes I even love it. But I still really  have to admire someone like Ashley Owen Hill at Lucky Dog Rescue.  What she’s done and continues to do is amazing.

I’ve just started reading Ashley’s blog, but I’m already inspired by her.  She’s one of those people who took the Path Not Taken.  She left the easy road and traveled in a new direction, and she’s rescuing a whole bunch of wonderful dogs along the way.

This Thanksgiving, Ashley needs help.  She donates half her kennel space to her rescue dogs, but she needs that space for paying boarders over the holidays to help pay her bills.  If you’re too far away to take in one of her dogs for the week, then consider sponsoring a dog for the week (paying for his/her kennel space) or just making a donation.

Read Ashley’s Plea for Help

Cash is short around here this month, but I’m thinking of ways to make at least a small donation.  My instinct is usually to donate to local rescues, but I’ve been volunteering my time close to home, so I’m going to send a little cash Ashley’s way.  After all, it’s not every day a super hero like her asks for help.


November 16, 2011 - Posted by | Reflections, volunteering & adoption

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