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Pedigree Dogs Exposed

I read about the documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed in John Woestendiek’s recent article in Bark magazine.  The documentary was aired on BBC a couple of years ago, but you can watch it on You Tube if you don’t mind doing so in 10 minute segments.

The filmmaker spent two years making the documentary and completely blew the British public away with her investigation into pedigree dog breeding and the effects it has had on the dogs.  England’s Kennel Club president and other breeders come out looking like people who don’t really care about the health of dogs but care only about the breeding industry.  Not that it’s all about the money, but that it’s all about looks.

Three days later, I’m still thinking about the documentary.  I mean, I really think most of these breeders must love dogs – why else would they do it?  And I think they are sincere in their beliefs that they’re doing the right thing (my husband says I give people too much credit, so maybe I’m wrong here).  I just think they’re so caught up in their own little world of dog showing and breeding that they don’t realize how ridiculous they sound to the rest of the world.  And how little most people care about the things that matter so much at shows.

Most fascinating to me were the comparison photos of breeds today with how they looked just a few decades ago.  The German Shepherd, Basset Hound… you can see right in front of you what breeders have done to these dogs.   But most heartbreaking were the stories and video of what breeding practices have done to the health of some breeds.  This is not lighthearted viewing; some of the scenes are heartbreaking.

One of the reeasons this documentary is still having an impact two years after its initial airing is that the filmaker hasn’t given up her cause.  She’s still investigating and still blogging about the topic.  And still infuriating breeders across England.

Additional Bark Article


November 22, 2011 - Posted by | Reflections

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