City Hounds

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We have some interesting pairs in our household.

Red & Ruby

Best friends... most of the time

Ruby was adopted to be “Red’s dog.”  We wanted a playmate for Red, and she seemed to be the perfect fit.  However, as she’s gotten older, she’s developed a pretty strong personality of her own.  She can be a bit of a bully, and there are definitely days when Red wishes he was our only dog.  I would say these two are more like siblings then best friends.

Frodo & Sam

Frodo & Sam: Co-Conspirators

Frodo and Sam are from the same litter, so have never been separated.  They really are best friends.  They play together, sleep together, groom each other.  They occasionally have a little spat, but they reconcile quickly and all is well again.

Red & Steve

My two guys

Despite the fact that I’ve done most of the dog-care from the beginning (walking, feeding, etc.), Red was Steve’s dog from the start.  He loves me, without a doubt, but he idolizes Steve.

On the other hand, Ruby is my dog.  I was the one who pushed for a second dog, I picked her out and trained her (not always well…) and she’s my buddy.  Steve has had to work to bond with her, and they’ve come a long way in the past few months.  I’d love to develope her into a a dog I could take a lot of places with me.  I think the potential is there, but her confidence is still lacking.

Unusual Pairs

A truce?

Cleo is the oldest pet in the house, the one we’ve had the longest.  She undoubtedly wishes she was the only pet.  Her BFF, her brother Bast, died at age 6 from cancer.  Steve fell in love with the two little kittens in the vet’s office where Bast was treated and insisted Cleo would be lonely without companions.  I was less-than-convinced that Cleo would be happy with the new additions, but I have in.

I was right.  Five years later, Cleo still dislikes Frodo & Sam.  She also dislikes Red and Ruby.  It’s tough to say who she dislikes more.  But occasionally, in order to get some cuddle time, she calls a truce.




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