City Hounds

Just sniffin' around…

The Characters

The Hounds


An English (Red Ticked) Coonhound we adopted from the local Humane Society three years ago.  Red’s a people dog, and he’d rather cuddle on the couch with us than play with other dogs.  The only thing he likes better is food.  And he has no control around food!  Red was a year and a half old when we adopted him and had very little training.  We had to shut him in his crate in order to eat dinner that first week. Otherwise, he’d put his paws on the table and eat right off our plates!  He still can’t be trusted around unattended food or garbage cans, but at least we can eat dinner in peace.


We adopted Ruby six months after Red.  We called her Red’s puppy, since she followed him everywhere and we wanted her so he would have a companion.  Now, she’s the boss of him, and often the boss of all of us.  She’s strong willed and has a strong prey drive.  She patrols the whole neighborhood with her nose each day, and loves to catch birds, squirrels and rabbits in our little backyard.  She and Red spend much of their time up there gazing up into the tress, watching the squirrels.  Ruby loves to chase the cats inside, but is terrified of actually catching them.


The Cats


Cleo is 11 years old and wishes she were the only animal in the house.  She has no use for the dogs or the other cats.  If we bring home any more, we’re sure she’ll lock us all out of the house in protest.  Cleo is the leader of the pack.

Frodo & Sam

Two kitty brothers we adopted after we had to put Cleo’s brother to sleep, we both love and hate these guys.  Frodo’s nickname is Velcro because he’s constantly stuck to me.  Sam is constantly underfoot, and I worry he’s going to kill one of us someday by tripping us down the stairs.

Family Photo, minus the cats

The People


I was a school librarian for ten years and am now the director of a school library program, where we teach teacher to become school librarians.  My favorite hobby is reading, and as I’ve gotten older this means I’ve become less and less active (not that I’m that old!).  Steve and I will likely never have children, but we’re happily trying to build a life with a family of two humans, two dogs and three cats!


A stay-at-home husband who does the cooking, cleaning, gardening and anything else that needs to be done!  After years of social work, he needed a break has settled into taking care of our home.  I dread the thought that he might decide to go back to work someday.  I’m a spoiled woman.


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