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The Diet

This is not a weight loss or food blog, but how I eat is a part of who I am, and who I want to be.  Steve and I have been vegan/vegetarian on and off over the years, and we’re recommitting ourselves to a vegan diet.  I won’t preach about this on the blog, but I will mention it, and I’ll probably include some recipes and such on occasion.  For those who are curious, I have two reasons to make the vegan committment:

1. For the animals.  I don’t have a problem with eating meat or other animal products; humans have domesticated animals for these reasons and there’s really no going back. However, I do have a problem with torturing animals to provide us with food.  I choose not to consume animal products in protest of how our modern meet, dairy & poultry industries treat the animals in their care.  Could I eat local meat, from small farms where the animals live “happy lives?”  I could.  But often these animals are slaughtered under the same torturous conditions as industry animals.  Also, that leads to my second reason…

2. For my health.  A plant based diet has been shown to cure diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease.. the list goes on.  That list is the same one that keeps appearing in my medical history.  So, rather than waiting, I prefer to be proactive.  A vegan diet can also prevent these diseases.  And I just feel better when I eat vegan!


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