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The List

So much to do, and so little time….This is a list of tasks I’d like to complete and goals I hope to achieve.  By keeping track here, maybe I’ll feel a bit more accountable.

My Rule of 3 Goals for 2011 are listed here.

The Dogs

1. Find a nosework class or lure coursing event for Ruby to attend.

2. Get Ruby’s Canine Good Citizen certification.

3. Get Red’s Canine good Citizen certification.

4. Build Ruby’s confidence

5. Become a service dog. (Ruby)

6. Teach Red to greet politely

7. Teach Red control around food so we can take him to family events and on visits.

At Home

1. Finish the back room.

2. Landscape back yard.

3. Update and enlarge vegetable garden.

4. Create new flowerbeds in front yard.

5. Pay off credit card

6. Pay off roof loan

7. Pay off Best Buy card

8. Pay off Steve’s student loan


1. Become regular volunteer at an animal shelter or for a rescue.

2. Foster a dog.

3. Keep to schedule of TV only on Friday, Saturday & Sunday and read during the week.

4. Eat Vegan – for good this time!

5. One month of blog posts at least 4x per week.

6. Lose 10 lbs./20 lbs./30 lbs./40 lbs.

7. Join a real gym (not Curves)

8. Read 175 books this year (2011)

9. Take a vacation with Steve

10. Go hiking/camping with the dogs

11. Start my doctorate

12.  Attend a Patricia McConnell seminar

13. Find a church

14. Run a 5k with the dogs


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